HBDI®-Certification (3 days) - (CH) Winterthur
von Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2019
bis Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2019

December 03 – 05th 2019

Whole Brain Thinking®-Certification


During the certification workshop you learn the basics of Whole Brain® Thinking, how to apply it in your daily business and how to integrate single, pair and team HBDI® profiles into your daily business as a coach, trainer, or manager in an enterprise.


  • The Whole Brain® Thinking-Model and how to integrate and apply it in your daily business (including case studies)
  • How to professionally work with HBDI®-Single Profiles, HBDI®-Pair Profiles, HBDI®-Team Profiles
  • How to integrate e-Learnings and interactive programs
  • How to professionally conduct a Start Thinking-Workshop und a "ThinkAbout Teams" workshop
  • How to efficiently implement HBDI® trainer material into your training sessions

You will receive

  • A Whole Brain® Thinking handbook / user guide including examples and case studies
  • Complete documentation of the workshop
  • Your individual HBDI®-profile, the HBDI®-Pair-Profil and an HBDI®-Team Profile including respective debriefing instructions / user guides
  • Voucher for participation in special trainings: HBDI®-MAX Single Profile and HBDI®-MAX Teamprofile (in German)
  • Debrief of your individual HBDI®-Profil, and 2 other individuals, up to 10 HBDI®-single profiles of people within a specific team in order to generate an HBDI®-Team Profile for this team.
  • 2 of 6 "The Business of Thinking®"-Modules: "Start Thinking" and "ThinkAbout Teams" (including a trainer guideline and 10 participants guideline for each module)
  • Exclusive access as HBDI® certified practioner to 2 of 6 „The Business of Thinking®“-Workshops
  • Your HBDI®-certificate
  • Access to our Axon system including the opportunity to evaluate, debrief and manage all of your HBDI®-Profiles independently and to our Certified Corner